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Uh-hem…. Yes….. the shameful images above are photos of me.  And as  much as I looked like a 40 year old country singer, biker chick, lounge singer I was actually only 17 years old and about to graduate from high school.  I first had my senior portraits taken at… wait for it….. Sears **gasp** but I absolutely hated them.  So I headed a little ways down the mall and took advantage of a sale they were having at Glamour Shots, hoping to get some better images.  I hated them just as much as the Sears portraits.  Do you remember that place?  As far as I know, they don’t exist any more.  Glamour photography fizzled out.  Now it’s back in action and quickly growing as a very popular type of photography, but thank the good Lord that the 90′s style didn’t return with it.  Modern glamour sessions are nothing like the old school versions.  When people here the phrase “glamour photography” they might still think of the old mall studio which would probably not send them running to have a shoot for themselves.  But I’m on a journey to “bring sexy back” in a new and modern way and I thank you for being a fan and telling your friends about me!  But first, you HAVE to look at the glamour shots on this blog post at because it got me laughing so hard!  It’s hillarious! Oh, and in case you are wondering,  the biker chick photo in the middle is the one I ended up using for my yearbook photo, but I hated all the photos I had done for my senior portraits and I was so embarrased when the yearbook came out!  I’m 32 years old now, but I still feel a void where there should be a great memory of an awesome portrait session.  Some day I’ll hire someone to take my photos!


7 Responses to Old School Glamour Shots | Glamour Photography Portland Oregon

  1. T says:

    is this the same glamor photo company from the 1990s?

    • Rayleigh says:

      Hello! No, I am not the old Glamour Shots that you would see in the mall in the 1990′s, although the photos on this blog are photos from me taken at that old studio. My Glamour studio is 4 years old and in Tigard, OR. :-)

  2. Justine Ann Hicks says:

    Do you still have a studio in Portland Oregon? If so where?

  3. Debbie says:

    Want to get mother/daughter shoots done. I’m on a budget could you get me information.

  4. mary hartle says:

    Hi….are u still in Portland area? Me and my twin are going to celebrate our 50th birthday together….do u have a website or can u send me prices for pkgs single shots for 1-4 people and then maybe 2 people together or 3 people shots.. thank you Marianne

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